Birgitta Örne Interior Design
Birgitta Örne Interior Design
How did you get started in this business?
It has always been an interest of mine and when I lived in Los Angeles in 1986 I got an opportunity to do the interior design of a house and that led me to the well known English architect Rupert Gardner for whom I was working as an apprentice for 1.5 years. After that I attended Parson School of Design in New York.

How do you find the right style for the client?
I find it challenging to meet and get to know my client trying to find out what they want . That is not always easy and sometimes its easier for them to know what they do not want. However, my job is to create a personal atmosphere that applies to their dreams, and doing it for the right price.

What is the best with being an interior designer?
I love my job and I love the details. It is very rewarding to transform
an apartment, a home or an office. I think it is of great importance for
everybody to work and live in an inspiring enviroment.

What is your strength?
Since I love details I like to think that I am very thorough with my job. I see every project as a large puzzle were every piece should fit in. To find a thread that will go through every room. And I like to work close with my client trying to leave behind me a result that might even be beyond the clients expectation.

How do you get inspiration?
From travelling, movies, classical studies and art.

What is a key word for a successfull design concept?
A home should in my perception be a place where you find peace and relaxation and where you can recharge your battery. It should also be practical, easy to maintain and giving you the tools for the way of living that you are looking for.

And for an office?
An office should reflect the art of the business and the strength of the business. It should also be a place where people find it easy to perform and deliver.

Tell us about an exciting project?
I have a client from abroad that gave me the task of finding a home and having
it renovated and fully equipped without ever having been there.

Do you only do large projects?
I can offer a key-ready sulotion or just a couple of hours consultation. It is all
up to the client. If I do a full engagement I can handle a complete renovation including archithect, builder and who ever else needs to be involved.

And last, what is your dream project?
Oh I already had my dream project many times, that is to work closely with a client that will give me the opportunity to work from A to Z to fully transform a private or commercial space and giving it a personal touch. A client that trusts my taste and capabilty and lets me finish the project to the last detail. Those projects allways comes out the best.